The local markets of Konark have the traditional charm of an old city. There are local & Government shops selling a wide range of handicrafts, sculptures of Hindu Gods, paintings and various decorative items made of wood and stone.

Being a beachside destination, shells and oyster are available in abundance in Konark. Over the years the ace craftsmen have perfected the art of making artefacts out of shells and oysters. A variety of utilities, decorative showpieces are definitely a feast to eyes and may leave you spoilt for choice. Do pick up few sea shell items while shopping in Konark.

In the local markets you will find varieties of applique work items of Pipli. Applique works of Pipili is also known as patching cloth design and in local language this handicraft is known as 'Chandua'. Samiana (Canopies), chhatris (umbrellas), lamps, bags and wall hangings that bear wonderful designs of great artistic skill are available in most of the local shops in Konark.

Umbrellas - Applique work of Pipili

Shopping in Konark is exciting as the small city offers lot of options to the visitors to choose from. Small sculptures to beautiful handicrafts, wooden carvings to traditional ornaments, pattachitra paintings to Pipili applique work and lot of other unique options are easily available for shopping in local markets of Konark.

You will also find lot of vendors moving near Konark temple and selling conch shells, decorative items, small konark wheel replicas, ornamental items made of stone & wood. Sometimes you will get good price from these vendors as compared to shops for same item.

Like in any other tourist place in India, many taxi and auto rickshaw drivers may take you to their pre-planned stores to earn commissions on the exaggerated purchase price, and may give you wrong suggestions not to go to reputed and cheaper stores, so be aware that this type of practice is also be present in Konark. Your shopping in Konark may turn out to be a true pleasure if you are comfortable with a little bit of bargaining.